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FOLC023- JOHNNY CASINO- Keep On Keepin' On. 2xLP+cd ¡¡¡ULTIMAS COPIAS!!!

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Johnny Casino is one of the most admired and respected musicians of the Rock&Roll scene of Australia. He was guitarist and leader of Asteroid B-612, having a good success in the middle of the 90’s. He also leaded other great bands, such as the superband The Egos, or the American Johnny Casino ’s Easy Action. In the last years, he decided to contentrate on Johnny Casino & the Secrets, his best band ever, apart from collaborating with other great Australian musicians. This double LP is a compilation of the best songs of this wonderful guitarist, singer and songwriter, till now only released on cd.

"The bonus CD is filled with outtakes, B sides and and songs we took of the vinyl so it would cut better for your listening pleasure!! some of the songs are songs that i would listen to on the radio as a child and
always sing along with the radio, so to have a little fun with different sessions in the studio we would work up some of these old tunes and have a crack at em!
Hope you enjoy"