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Norton Records.

(Norton 319) "The all-true adventures of the Dictators, from pre-punk shenanigans to the sound of Young America to the death of rock n' roll!" Unissued demos and rare tracks from the vaults, from pre-Manitoba 1973 recordings (from master tapes!) up through DFFD outtakes! Photo filled package includes liner notes by Scott "Top Ten" Kempner, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Andy Shernoff and crew chief/soundman Rich Nesin!

Weekend / Backseat Boogie / Master Race Rock / California Sun / Fireman's Friend / Whisky Radio Spot / America The Beautiful / Sleepin' With The TV On / Eugene Radio Spot / Faster And Louder / Minnesota Strip / Baby Let's Twist / What It Is / Borneo Jimmy / I Stand Tall / No Tomorrow / Stay With Me / Bloodbrothers Radio Spot / 16 Forever / Loyola / Laughing Out Loud / What's Up With That? #2 / 16 Forever #2 / Owensboro Radio Spot Double LP adds a cover of the Ramones' I Just Want To Have Something To Do